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Team Eighteen

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Meet Team Eighteen!


First let me say it was SO hard to narrow down applications, I read through almost 50 applications for the upcoming year. Originally I was only going to choose 5 girls to work multiple times with throughout the year, I ended up choosing 7... These girls truly stood out from the crowd in their applications. Their answers for style, ambitions, dreams, life goals, true beauty, and so forth were so personal that it felt like I already knew a small piece of them. 

My goal for this year is to not take on so much work that I feel overwhelmed. I will be cutting back sessions tremendously. I love photography, but I want to keep that love for it and not turn it into a “chore”. I want to make sure I have enough time with my family, as well as plenty of time for my love of teaching. It is a balancing act. This being said, it is never to soon to start thinking about Senior Portraits and when you might like to schedule them. Thank You for reading, I am looking forward this new year!


What does True Beauty mean to you?


Bailey: "In my opinion, "true beauty" means knowing you're beautiful even when you're wearing comfortable clothes with no makeup on.

Emily: "True beauty to me means someone who is flawless inside and out. It's someone who is kind, and is always looking to better themselves and everyone else around them. Helping others in times of need, always thinking about the other persons feelings, and having a Godly servants heart. God calls us to honor him and those around us. A few words that come to my mind when I think of 'true beauty' include the following; selfless, kindhearted, honest, and trustworthy. How beautiful you are in the inside shows deep inside your soul and proves to others who you truly are. One smile can change the world!

Claire: "True beauty is when someone is confident in themselves. "Confidence is key" is a common phrase, but it's the truth. The more confident you are, the better you look and feel.

Kelli: True beauty is used in the media all the time, and that can sometimes take away from its meaning. To be beautiful is to be comfortable. Comfortable in your clothes, comfortable in school/work, and comfortable in public. Beauty is not measured by the amount of likes or comments on Instagram and surely isn't measured by how many boys text you a day. You measure your own beauty. You look in the mirror and smile, no matter what anyone says. An unbreakable smile and spirit makes a girl truly beautiful, and that's the kind of beauty that will last a lifetime. I used to be so negative towards myself but one day I realized that God created me just the way I am. Not only do I hurt myself by thinking negative things about myself, but I hurt Him. That realization changed my perspective of myself immediately. There is no such thing as an ugly girl. Every little "imperfection" was placed on you with God's loving hands and if that doesn't make you feel valuable, I don't know what will.

Mallory: "One thing I'll always remember my mom telling me is, "Pretty is as pretty does." I strongly believe you are only as beautiful as your attitude and your actions. To me, true beauty means how you treat people and how you act. I believe how you make people feel says a lot about the person you are. True beauty shines from inside out. It's about being the best human being you can possibly be. True beauty to me means being kind, confident, and loving yourself first and foremost.

Harley: "True beauty is typical overlooked I feel. You don't have to be the prettiest or the homecoming queen to have it. It's the way you smile at people and present them with kindness, and it's how big you're heart is. If you have an overall genuine and bright personality that's true beauty. I feel that everyone has a piece of true beauty in them, sometimes it's just hard to express and I get that! Everyone in my book is truly beautiful.

Marlana: "True beauty means to me, not physical beauty, but what's inside a person. Their soul has to be beautiful, loving God, obeying him, and family coming first after God.

Becky Beth | Winter 2017

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