Team Eighteen First Talk!




Getting Started

I am so excited you have a chance to be on Team Eighteen

Before anything, please click the link provided below and fill out the Acceptance Form.

This includes information (pricing) for you, as well as information for myself!

Acceptance Form Link

Assuming you accept...

First, we need to decide when to have our FIRST group shoot! 

I have availability in February & March for us to find a date for this to take place. I need your feedback on which Saturday would work best for you guys! We will probably end up using 2 or 3 Saturdays and having 2 or 3 small group sessions, that way I can spend more individual time with each of you! More creativity and portraits for you!

I want the style of our first group shoot to be “Floral Print Inspired

I know these may sound a little strange to you all, BUT I promise they will turn out awesome, I am providing PINSPIRATION below.


Floral Eighteen 

Pinterest Board Link


I cannot wait to get started collaborating with each of you on this, and then FINALLY work with you soon!

Please Email or DM of Instagram with your final decision!